The Rotobox is an advanced rotary die cutter, ideal for large-scale cardboard packaging companies. Thanks to the automated and precise process, the machine enables the mass production of packaging of identical shapes and dimensions, using

Cardboard rotary machine
Machine for production of boxes / corrugated board packaging: E, B, C, BE and BC.

  • fetches a sheet from the table
  • I feed the sheet under the rotary die
  • throws the completed box to the output table.

    The machine can also be used to crease cardboard as well as to cut it.

  • Machine parameters

    Working width 2000 mm
    Installed power 2.2kw with smooth regulation
    Maximum speed 3600 rpm
    Die shaft fi 317mm with M8 holes around the shaft every 50mm, along the circumference of the shaft every 55.327mm
    Shaft circumference for a die 1m
    Cutting knives 1 set knives mounted on shafts with a diameter of 88mm
    Creasing rollers 2 pairs of creases put on shafts with a diameter of 88mm
    Feed table height 900mm
    People to operate the machine 1 person

    Additional options
    • Cutting knives for shafts with a diameter of 88mm
    • Creasing rollers mounted on shafts with a diameter of 88mm
    • Automatic feeder
    • Counter of cardboard pieces

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