Bagmaker 320

Bagmaker for the production of gusset bags from roll paper

  • Unrolls paper from a roll,
  • applies glue,
  • prints up to 4 colors,
  • forms paper into a sleeve and glues it,
  • seales the bottom of the bag,
  • arranges ready-made bags into packages.

    To change the machine to produce paper bags of different dimensions, it is enough to change the format plate (change the width of the bag) and the gear wheel (change the length of the bag).

  • Machine parameters

  • Machine capacity: 200-600 pcs/min
  • Width of the bag: 100-320 mm
  • Length of the bag: 200-490 mm
  • Maximum roll width: 920 mm
  • Maximum printing width: 800 mm
  • Print Flexographic printing: 1-4 colors
  • Power: 2.2KW
  • longitudinal and transverse glue application
  • Machine dimensions: 5550 x 1700 x 2000 mm

  • Additional options
    • 1 color flexographic printer
    • 2 color flexographic printer
    • 3 color flexographic printer
    • 4 color flexographic printer

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