Autobox2 1400

The Autobox 2 machine allows for the production of fully prepared die-cut cardboard boxes with a single pass of 3 or 5-ply cardboard sheets. Thanks to the machine's flexibility, it can produce a large number of boxes with various dimensions in a short tim

Boxmaker for the production of FEFCO flap packaging made of 3- and 5-layer corrugated cardboard, flute: E, B, C, BE and BC.

Carton puncher

The machine in one cycle* performs the following operations:

  • gets a sheet from the table
  • creases the mat crosswise and lengthwise
  • cuts the form to the appropriate format if it is larger
  • cuts slots in a flap package
  • makes holes for the so-called "handles" or under ventilation
  • cuts off the mat's allowance along the width
  • cuts off the excess adhesive flap
  • does printing
  • applies glue to the glue flap
  • throws the finished box onto the pallet

* applies to a fully configured machine.

In this form, the packaging is ready for stapeling/gluing.

It takes about 3 - 6 minutes to convert the machine to produce a different size package, and in the automatic version this time is reduced to less than 1 minute. The operator enters the dimensions of the package into the computer via the touch panel and only sets the creasing rollers and moves the knife to them. In the automatic version of the machine, the operator only enters the dimensions without any additional intervention.


can also be used for creasing cardboard as well as for cutting it with rotary knives.

Machine parameters

Bandwidth ~85m/min of creasing
3-layer cardboard flute B, C, E
5-layer cardboard flute BC, BE
Working width 1400mm
Maximum sheet length unlimited
Maximum package height (for 300mm slotting knives) 790mm
Maximum height of the form about 1350mm
Touchpad Yes
Creasing rollers 2 sets (big + counter crease)
Rotary cutting knives 1 set
Required operators 1 person
Weightapproximately 1100 kg
Compact dimensions 195 x 100 cm

A fully customizable machine for your needs

During the ordering process, the customer can choose not only the width of the machine (from 1250 to 3000 mm), but also decide to equip it with additional modules according to his preferences.

Additional options
  • Cross cut module (motor or pneumatic)
  • Scalpel knives(straight or rotary)
  • Scoring knives (slots from 50 to 500mm)
  • Mini Automatic flexographic printer
  • Die-cut module
  • Automatic feeder (roller or vacuum)
  • Auto Receiver
  • Automatic setting of creasing rollers
  • Automatic setting of slotting knives
  • Automatic scalpel knife setting
  • Quick order setup and management:
  • Roller knives
  • Remote control possible via Tablet/Smartphone

Check Film how our machine works

How crosscut module works with our Boxmaker Autobox 2

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